January 2023
Book chapter on reconstructing genealogies with ancient DNA was published.

January 2023
Paper looking at selection acting on old deletion polymorphisms in the human genome was published.

June 2022
Paper looking at the last 100,000 years of wolf evolution was published.

May 2022
We published a paper looking, among others, at selection evidence in type 2 diabetes using associations from a large multi-ancestry GWAS study.

April 2022
Preprint looking at evidence of selection at genomic deletion polymorphisms.

Sept 2021
We published a paper on the history of the deletion of exom 3 of the growth hormone receptor.

June 2021
The Colate paper was published in MBE.

Feb 2021
Preprint describing Relate + aDNA and Colate, and quantifying TCC/TTC signal in ancients.

Oct 2020
I started my 4 year Sir Henry Wellcome fellowship at UCL, Genetics Institute and the Francis Crick Institute.

Sept 2020
I wrote a paper for kids with Clare Bycroft about what our DNA can tell us about human history.

June 2020
I gave an online seminar on ‘Population genetics using genealogies and tree sequences’.

June 2020
Paper led by Aaron Stern on polygenic selection is on bioRxiv.

May 2020
Relate has been updated to v1.1.0

Jan 2020
Simon and I gave a lecture and tutorial on Relate at the Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics in Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)

Oct 2019
Nature Method published a research highlight on Relate and tsinfer.

Sept 2019
I presented at the annual meeting of the Genetics Society of Japan.

Sept 2019
I uploaded 1000 Genomes allele ages, population size histories, and selection p-values.

Sept 2019
Our paper describing the Relate method was published in Nature Genetics.

Aug 2019
I started my 1.5 years position as a Postdoc in Simon’s group, kindly funded by the Wellcome Trust and EPSRC Doctoral Prize.