I am a Sir Henry Wellcome fellow at UCL, Genetics Institute and the Francis Crick Institute working on Statistical and Population Genetics. I am a member of Garrett Hellenthal’s group (UCL) and Pontus Skoglund’s group (Crick).

Research interest

Our genomes contain rich information about our shared genetic past, such as past migrations, introgression with Neanderthals and other extinct hominids, and adaptation to environmental or lifestyle changes throughout human history.

I develop statistical methods for reconstructing this history, scalable to the largest genomic datasets, which now comprise more than 100,000 individuals and record genetic diversity on an unprecedented scale. I am interested in uncovering how different evolutionary forces have shaped today’s observed genetic variation, from which we can learn about our shared history and impacts on our health.


Feb 2021

Preprint describing Relate + aDNA and Colate, and quantifying TCC/TTC signal in ancients.

Oct 2020

I started my 4 year Sir Henry Wellcome fellowship at UCL, Genetics Institute and the Francis Crick Institute.

Sept 2020

I wrote a paper for kids with Clare Bycroft about what our DNA can tell us about human history.

June 2020

I gave an online seminar on ‘Population genetics using genealogies and tree sequences’.

June 2020

Paper led by Aaron Stern on polygenic selection is on bioRxiv.

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