• I’m a Postdoc in Simon Myers’ group at the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, working on Statistical Genomics.
  • Broadly, I am interested in leveraging powerful statistical techniques and large, modern genomic data sets to understand how evolutionary forces act on genomes on population scales, as well as to gain insights into the evolutionary history of humans and other species.
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  • Our paper describing the Relate method was published in Nature Genetics.
    1000 Genomes allele ages, population size histories, and selection p-values can be downloaded here.
  • I started my 1.5 years position as a Postdoc in Simon’s group, kindly funded by the Wellcome Trust and EPSRC Doctoral Prize.
  • We developed software to estimate genome-wide genealogies for thousands of samples. Binaries, a documentation, and toy data set can be found at


  • New paper in which we applied persistent homology to continuum percolation with disks:

    Leo Speidel, Heather A. Harrington, S. Jonathan Chapman, Mason A. Porter.
    Topological data analysis of continuum percolation with disks.
    Physical Review E 98, 012318 (2018), 2018.